Midterm Exam Study Guide



1. Review Auguste Comte’s work on the scientific approach in the study of human societies.


2. Understand what Merton’s manifest & Latent outcomes are


3. Pierre Bourdieu’s definition of all forms of human capital


4. Know the tenets of the various sociological perspectives covered in class


5. Know all the significant works of Max Weber i.e. ideal type, the protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism, ‘verhesten’ and bureaucracy.


6. Remember all the Agents of Socialization


7. Know the two logics of reasoning in the scientific process


8. Remember all the ways of life displayed by the Mayan society in Copan in the video ‘The Hearth’ watched in class.


9. Charles Cooley’s work on social interaction


10. Know what the Elements of Culture are.


11. George Herbert Mead’s Stages of the Self


12. Weber’s Characteristics of ideal type bureaucracy


13. Emile Durkheim’s Division of labor


14. Ferdinand Tonnies definitions of social control in Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft.


15. Definition of the various Social Roles: role conflict, role strain, role exit etc.


16. Marx & Engel’s work in the Communist Manifesto.


17. Goffman’s Presentation of the self.


18. Statuses & Social Roles


19. All the EPSeM sample selection methodologies used in surveys.


20. Piaget’s proposition on the newborn.


21. Definitions: Resocialization; Anomie; Reference Groups; In-Groups; Total Institutions; Gesellschaft; Cultural Relativism; Sandwich Generation; and False Consciousness.