Review For Your First Exam


  1. Know the significance of the Homo Habilis & the Cro-Magnons
  2. The main theme of Marx & Engels’ Communist Manifesto
  3. Major sociological thinkers covered in class and their theoretical leanings.
  4. Max Weber’s major contributions: i.e. Verstehen, Ideal Type and Protestants’ Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.
  5. Characteristics of a variable and a hypothesis.
  6. The logic of Deductive and Inductive reasoning.
  7. The Major research designs discussed in class.
  8. Know the ethical issues in research
  9. The three major theoretical perspectives and what they stand for.
  10. W.E. B. DuBois’ work.
  11. The significance of Talcott Parsons as a Functionalist.


Definitions: Cultural Universal; Counterculture; Sub-culture; Culture Relativism; Anomie; Validity& Reliability; Dramaturgical Approach; Values & Norms; Manifest & latent outcomes.